Willem van Merwijk

Willem van Merwijk is a Dutch saxophonist well-know as a co-funder of the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, composer, teacher and member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble.

Willem got a lot of success with the Aurelia saxophone Quartet, giving concerts all around the world, recording CD’s, setting new standards for the ensemble and awarding some big prizes. However, after 30 years, in 2013, Willem van Merwijk decided to leave the group.

In 1990, he joined the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble where he regularly performs, arrange and even compose pieces for the biggest halls in the Netherlands such as The Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw Big Hall.

Willem also appeared as a soloist in Thailand where he represented the Netherlands in front of King Bhumibol of Thailand; and as an orchestral musician with an variety of orchestras such as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and The Rotterdam Philharmonic.

Van Merwijk is very passionate about teaching. He is currently professor of saxophone methodology and saxophone at the Amsterdam Conservatorium and professor of arranging at the HKU Utrecht Conservatory

Willem van Merwijk was co-founder of the ‘Winds Of Change’ (2006-2009), the Wind Ensemble of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and artistic director of this ensemble.