20 October 2016

SAX16: 16 t/m 19 NOVEMBER

Join the international saxophone festival Amsterdam, held from the 16th until the 19th of November, at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. This event will be full of concerts, masterclasses and other activities with some of the most important personalities of the actual world of saxophone, such as Arno Bornkamp, Claude Delangle and Willem van Merwijk. There will... Read More
20 November 2015

SAX15: November 26-27-28

After the success of last year’s huge SAX14 festival the SAX team will be offering a more intimate SAX15. Of course, the saxophone will be celebrated again with a variety of spectacular concerts, but the main emphasis of SAX15 will be on education. SAX15 will take place entirely at the beautiful location of the Conservatory... Read More
22 November 2014

Photo report on Facebook

There’s too much to handle at SAX14! Fortunately, we have got the pictures of Ronald Knapp. On facebook you can find his photo report. SAX14 DAY 1 SAX14 DAY 2
20 November 2014

Six world premieres

During the festival, all different types of music come together: classical, jazz, pop, world music and newly composed works especially for SAX14. Here are the six world premieres in a row: Daan Manneke - Zeer dichte mist boven het Y; later op de dag opklaringen vanuit het Muziekgebouw Performed by Wereld Muziek School Haarlem - Thursday, November 20 –... Read More
14 November 2014

Full program in 1 festival schedule

At this site you find all ins and outs of the festival. Would you like to have a short overview of all activities? Check the festival schedule where you can find all festival elements per day.
14 November 2014

Emile Roemer opens SAX14

After the kick-off concert on Wednesday, SAX14 really takes off on Thursday November 20th. Saxophonist (and politician) Emile Roemer will perform the short opening ceremony together with Arno Bornkamp just before the concert Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue with Asko|Schonberg, Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Ties Mellema, Artvark Saxophone Quartet, Silbersee and Etienne Siebens.
12 November 2014

Packed Festival Market

Are you looking for a new saxophone? Or perhaps great sheet music and cool CDs? Numerous companies and organizations will show their instruments and products on the special SAX14 Festival Market. Professionals are ready to answer your questions and a number of exhibitors have organized a clinic. So, definitely stop by on Friday and Saturday... Read More
12 November 2014

Swinging with Paquito

SAX14 rolls out the red carpet for undoubtedly the greatest saxophonist of Latin-jazz: Paquito D’Rivera. During his recital on Saturday, his virtuosity and infectious saxophone sound combine to create a delightful Latin groove. He also presents his just-released biography “My Sax Life”. On Sunday, the 66-year-old master is on stage with the newest and youngest... Read More
06 November 2014

Hooray, Adolphe Sax 200 today!

Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone, turned 200 today! He’ll celebrate his birthday during four festive days at SAX14. But today he’ll throw an exclusive surprise party at the piano in the Central Station of Amsterdam at 13.00 o’clock. See you there. Happy Birthday! Share this happy birthday video to let mister Sax know... Read More